3D Printer rebuild

My P3Steel 3D Printer is printing fine. However, some time ago, I decided to do a complete rebuild of the printer.
I came across the blog of the German named Toolson. He redesigned all parts for the P3Steel, improving aesthetics and usability of the printer.
You can find his blog here.  

Before I started the rebuild, I printed all the parts using Real PETG.
Using PETG was a bit of a challenge at first, the key is to calibrate the nozzle a little higher above the bed.

I completely disassembled the printer, and cleaned all the RVS parts.  
Then a reassembled the main parts, because I wanted to paint the parts assembled, making sure everything still fits. 

I used a zinc primer, followed by a matte black Motip coating.

When I finished the paintjob, i’d put everything back together. I’m very happy with the result!

Let the images speak for them selves…

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